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Transforming with online ordering technology

Branded digital ordering software developed by restauranteurs for casual dining, QSR's, cafes, bars and more

Order & Pay

Streamline operations with order & pay, allowing your customers to access your branded digital menu, order directly and pay at once with just a few clicks. Get orders sent to the kitchen and create some great dishes!

Pay at Table

Your customers can scan, view, split and pay their bill in less than 10 seconds!

Don't wait for another bill, customers can pay quickly and securely through Cheqit

Ensuring that restaurants digitalise in the right way 

All Devices

Android, iOS and web apps that deliver exceptional functionality and a seamless user experience


Using real-time push notifications to increase customer engagement, inclusion and retention

White-label App

Retain client data, save thousands of pounds on third-party fees and increase client engagement

Customer Loyalty

Reducing waiting times and providing the fastest dining experience to increase order volume, average check size, and loyalty

Admin Dashboard

Cheqeat has partnered with Stripe's payment system and supports integrations with leading POS systems


Data-driven insights to track highest spenders, most profitable menu items, and overall sales

It's a no brainer.

order & pay in less than 10secs
+70% adoption rate
up to 20mins saved per table
+15% average ticket size

Trusted by leading hospitality operators

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