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Cheqeat Branded Apps

Revolutionising the hospitality sector with the most advanced apps tailored to your business needs

Driving Online Sales

Own Your Online Ordering Platform

Retain client data and save thousands of pounds on unwanted third-party commission fees!


UI-friendly branded apps will increase your order volume and average check size​.

Increase Takeaway & Dine-in Sales

Develop a large client base and engage with your customers. Launch app-only promotional campaigns to strengthen engagement and personalise your offering to increase sales.

Contactless On-Site and Off-Site Ordering

​Cheqeat is digitalising every step of the dine-in process for you to turn tables faster. Allow your staff to work on more important tasks and provide a better dining experience.

Enhancing Customer Loyalty

Increase Customer Engagement

Your branded app will provide you with  greater control over delivery speed and the quality of food your customers receive, ensuring greater customer satisfaction.​

Personalised Discounts & Gifts

Set automatic promotional discounts for first-time and active users to show your appreciation for their continued support and loyalty. 

Customer Retention

Ensure your loyal customers feel valued. Send unique push notifications and emails on their birthdays with a gift. Send personalised incentives to your inactive customers via push notifications to motivate their return to your restaurant.

Improve Customer Ratings

Customers will be asked to rate their ordering experience.  Send short surveys to your "power" customers to evaluate metrics related to waiting time, service, price, and mobile ordering.

Image by Kira auf der Heide
Image by Charles Deluvio

Greater Operational Efficiency

Reduced Operating Costs

Reduce your staff capacity by up to 50% and improve operational efficiency by eliminating waiting times and save up to 20 minutes per table! 

Don't wait any longer

Get in touch and take control of your digital business!

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